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Solar Smart Solutions for Cars, Homes, Cities, etc.

It seems like every time you turn around, another company, utility, municipality or institution announces some sort of “smart” initiative. It may have started with smart cars and smart homes, but as technology advances, the "smart" trend is taking over entire cities. Across the country and the world, cities of all sizes are transforming their infrastructure, systems, and operations to capitalize on new technologies and integrate connected solutions into the very fabric of how they operate and care for their citizens. Through advances in data collection and analytics, they can anticipate and respond to daily challenges like traffic flow and potential emergencies like severe storms.

While sustainability hasn't historically been a top priority in city planning, the current state of the environment is quickly changing that trend. Cities are now home to more than half of the world’s population and account for almost two-thirds of global energy use and three quarters of energy-related carbon emissions. Cities offer huge potential to increase the supply of local renewable energies. Innovators and tech moguls are focusing on energy efficiency and their environmental impact more than ever before. Smart solution providers are following suit, providing high-tech infrastructure options that can help city governments save on energy costs even as they reduce their carbon output. This is an especially smart pairing because it allows municipalities to consolidate efforts to improve quality of life and sustainability.

CETC Solar Energy is pioneering efforts to incorporate sustainability and energy efficiency into developing smart solutions for cars, homes, cities, etc. Given that buildings and transport are the two largest energy consumers in cities, these are identified by CETC Solar Energy as priority areas for action in order to scale up rapidly and substantially, along with a third – creating smart integrated urban energy systems, including smart grids. Renewable energy use in buildings encompasses heating, cooling, cooking and appliances. Sustainable options for transport include electric mobility, hydrogen and biofuels.

CETC Solar Energy's solar smart solution has inspired a great many cities to become fully integrated and connected using smart technology and sustainable energy. Some cities have already adopted our solutions to incorporate solar energy, electric cars, and sensors, and mobile apps to improve public transportation, security, parking, lighting, and waste management. Through a combination of private and government-funded projects, more cities are using CETC Solar Energy's tech advances to lower energy consumption and bolster renewable energy generation. In addition to maximizing renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, increasing number of cities also focused on electric buses, green construction, smart grids, and rooftop farms.

The lastest example is shown as below, where CETC Solar Energy's solar smart solutions are incorporated into smart distribution system which is an integration of automation and communication systems as primary components to support the end-to-end operations and analytics of the electrical distribution grid.


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