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Solar PV System

Benefits of a solar power system:

Very low maintenance
Apart from cleaning, maintenance of green areas and the occasional replacement of micro components, there are hardly any maintenance and servicing costs for a photovoltaics plant over the entire term.

Competitive with Fossil Power Sources
With a moderate increase in the electricity price, photovoltaics plants are increasingly approaching the prime costs of conventional power generation. This is already the case now in some developing countries and high-sun areas in the south of Europe.

Fast to build
In comparison with conventional power plants, it is possible to put a large-scale plant into operation in a very short time thanks to efficient planning and standardised construction processes. This is done not least by the commissioning of proven and well-coordinated partners and suppliers and the high degree of system standardisation.

100% scalable and modular
Solar plants not only adapt themselves to the circumstances on site, they are also scalable in size. In combination with a modular design, solar plants are the most flexible form of power plant.

High ROI
Feed-in tariffs facilitate returns within a very short time after the plant has been put into operation. With an above-average performance, both operators and investors can benefit.

Large CO2 Reduction
Every MWp of installed PV power in a sunny place saves over 1.000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Benefits of CETC Solar Energy systems:

PV solutions from one-stop supplier
* High quality solar cells are provided by CETC Solar Energy
* Comprehensive state-of-the-art system planning and integration
* Installation by CETC Solar Energy with reliable partners and suppliers
* Operation, maintenance and monitoring throughout the system's lifetime

Optimised PV systems
* PV system design optimised and standardised
* High-quality components, e.g., inverters from top global brands
* Rapid installation thanks to standardised building processes

Reliable operation
* Full O&M (operation and maintenance) contracts with CETC Solar Energy
* Incentives via above-average operational/financial performance

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