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PV Manufacturing Equipments

CETC Solar Energy manufactures the PV equipment needed to make high efficiency cells. CETC Solar Energy turnkey cell lines are comprehensive packages of equipment, process technology (Al-BSF, PERC, TOPCon, HJT, HIT, etc.), and high level factory control to quickly put you in the Solar Cell business and/or expand your capacity. Partnering with CETC Solar Energy, and leveraging our experience, enables a quick and smooth entry into the market. With CETC Solar Energy you will achieve maximum uptime, throughput and efficiency and be ready to compete with the most established players.

Process Technology Transfer
CETC Solar Energy has more than 10 years in the Solar Industry. This vast knowledge base is made available, and transferred to our turnkey customers. CETC Solar Energy will assist with the hiring and training of key personnel, and passing on critical aspects of running the Cell process successfully. CETC Solar Energy will impart the best methods, process steps, and technologies available.

State of the Art Equipment
CETC Solar Energy utilizes world class technology constructed and ready for immediate integration. Commissioning time is minimized given superior design, proof of performance, and start-up support. CETC Solar Energy and its OEMs will install all equipment, balance the production flow, and train your production team.

Cell Design
CETC Solar Energy will provide a finished cell design, proven to achieve world-class efficiencies, and readily sellable to the open market.

Recommended Vendors and Materials List
CETC Solar Energy provides a complete list of key materials including base materials and consumables. In order to facilitate quick entry and eliminate a costly search process, CETC Solar Energy will also provide a recommended vendor list to supply all consumable materials, including wafers.

Job Descriptions of Key Personnel
CETC Solar Energy's complete list of employee job descriptions and qualifications enable you to hire your workforce with highly qualified employees quickly.

Product Range - Al-BSF PV Cell Manufacturing Equipment:

Product Range - PERC PV Cell Manufacturing Equipment:

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