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Dependable returns thanks to expertise and commitment: What's worth on an entry in the PV market?

Investing in solar power plants is a safe, profitable alternative to other investments such as stocks and shares. Attractive returns stem from the feed-in tariffs guaranteed by governments in various countries. To maximise the safety of its partners' investment, CETC Solar Energy offers its services in all the phases of power plant projects. Regardless of whether municipal, institutional or private investors are involved, with CETC Solar Energy clients benefit from one-stop solutions and enjoy the full reliability and efficiency resulting from CETC Solar Energy's technical and commercial expertise.

CETC Solar Energy's business model ranges from the acquisition of developed sites to the servicing and maintenance of completed solar arrays throughout their lifetime. CETC Solar Energy acts as the prime contractor and shoulders responsibility for the construction of each solar power plant. Swift completion is enabled by a standardised building process.

CETC Solar Energy leads you on the way to your PV plant and ensures at least 100% fulfillment of your expectations on your investment by

CETC Solar Energy partners you on the journey from having the demand for a PV plant through all necessary stages until the full operational PV plant ensuring all legal, environmental, finance, tax, planning, optimization, construction, operation, maintenance and (general) management aspects mandatory to fulfill expectations.

Projects are financed by major investors, the capital structure being adapted to the project partners' requirements. Comprehensive guarantees for investors mean the financial partners enjoy maximum cover. Reliable, risk-free yields and durability are ensured by the use of quality multi-system products geared to each other. Standardised components make for efficiency and minimise the costs of the large array, which explains the above-average financial performance of CETC Solar Energy's projects.

To minimise the risk for project partners once an array has been built, CETC Solar Energy offers full servicing and maintenance contracts throughout its entire service life. By doing so, CETC Solar Energy's partners can be confident of complete support and look forward to optimum returns.

Once a site has been shortlisted, CETC Solar Energy commissions detailed reports on aspects such as solar irradiation and the soil conditions to enable precise costing of the project. Meanwhile, the technicalities of feed-in are clarified with the local power utility. Parallel to these site analyses, CETC Solar Energy also takes care of obtaining official approval. Once this has come through and the finance has been settled, detailed planning can begin.

A project is implemented in the following dovetailed stages: planning, construction, start-up and servicing. This is one of the reasons why utility scale solar projects of around 50MWp can be accomplished within just a few months. During the planning phase, the electrical equipment and the rack systems are adapted to the specific conditions on site, while the project timetable and logistics are defined. This is to ensure that the components necessary are available at the right time and that the various stages of construction are seamlessly scheduled.

During construction, CETC Solar Energy makes use of an established network of subcontractors. This reduces the time and resources required for project control and minimises the risks involved. Building begins with the foundations in the soil for the rack systems which will accommodate the modules. Next, all the electronic components are fitted. After a standard unit has been completed, it's time to install the inverters, whose job it is to convert the direct current produced into the alternating current required by the grid. The use of state-of-the-art equipment enables high efficiency.

Following the completion of individual units, they are directly connected to the power utility's network. When the final unit has been connected, the photovoltaic system is ready for handover to the client.

In most projects, the servicing and operation of the solar power plant are carried out by CETC Solar Energy to offer the project partners maximum reliability. Extensive insurance packages are used to cover all the risks, and the systems' maximum technical availability is guaranteed throughout its lifetime.

Solar power plants are among the greenest forms of energy generation, producing no noise or emissions whatsoever. And unlike wind turbines, photovoltaic systems have a typical height of just 1-2 metres, and so hardly spoil the countryside. Whats more, the construction of a photovoltaic system has little impact on the environment.

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