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Turnkey Solar Ingot and Wafer Production Lines

CETC Solar Energy Turnkey Ingot and Wafer Lines incorporate the technology and platforms that we have developed in 10 years of engineering over hundreds of solar ingot and wafer processing systems. We have taken this knowledge and developed equipment and process solutions specifically geared to the needs of solar ingot and wafer manufacturers. CETC Solar Energy provides total customer support and process solutions for solar ingot and wafer production. Our thorough knowledge of project management, equipment design, manufacturing, and process requirements help you find the most economical process and product platform for your application.

The key features of our turnkey solutions are:

Our turnkey solutions meet the needs of solar ingot and wafer manufacturers who need the process capability, recipe flexibility, equipment reliability, company support and knowledge to back up a successful installation and operation of Solar Ingot and Wafer Production Line.

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