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Laser Beam Welding System

By using high power laser beam to deliver a controlled amount of energy to a precise location, together with power diffusion to the inside of the material through heat transfer afterwards, CETC's high precision laser beam welding system completes the welding process with the formation of specific molten pool after material being welded. This level of precision in controlling the heat input is based on the ease of adjusting the beam size and the range of methods available for precise positioning and moving the beam.

Laser beam welding technology can be utilized for multiple applications. The minimal and localized heat input during laser welding reduces part distortion and makes it possible to weld intricate patterns. Laser beam welding also provides easy access to weld complex shaped parts with formed bends and corners.

Hermetic sealing of precision components can be accomplished to close tolerances. To accomplish precise laser welding for your project needs, CETC can utilize production methods including multi-axis laser, TIG, flat laser, MIG, hermetic sealing, and tube and pipe laser welding equipment.

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