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Engine Management Unit (EMU)

The engine management unit (EMU) obtains aircraft and engine related data and uses a combination of airborne and ground health management algorithms to realize engine status monitoring, fault diagnosis and prediction, trend analysis, and life management functions. The onboard system is to provide warning information to pilots, and the ground system provides maintenance suggestions for ground maintenance personnel, and provides planning for maintenance support.


  • The processor runs at a high speed, reaching 800MIPS;
  • Large-capacity data storage and management functions with high reliability;
  • A cache card to be quickly inserted and removed to realize fast and convenient download of EMU data;
  • Acquisition and processing of the signals of vibration, speed, lubricating oil level and lubricating oil wear debris;
  • Sending data to the aircraft and communicating with the ground subsystem;
  • Receiving the engine parameter data of the engine digital electronic controller and the flight parameter data of the aircraft;
  • Automatic or manual event recording
  • API function interface for application software development.


  • Civil and commercial aviation engines, etc.


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